Staying Organised with a Cute Planner

Returning from Paris, where I’ve just spent New Year, I’m already motivated to get started on this year’s plans. New Years is always a good time to start afresh, and with a pretty organiser, keeping your plans in check is a joy. This binder from Paperchase is refillable, with any various inserts you might feel like including. Perhaps you like to keep track of goals, create habit trackers, meal plans. For me, I like to keep all my dates in order, create goal lists, create packing/preparation checklists for trips, and leave space for plenty of notes pages.

But why pick this kind of binder when you could just have a diary? Why bother with all this paper when you can do everything on your phone? For me, there is something satisfying about being able to physically write, and I can include lots of pretty accents, which makes me motivated to keep updating pages just so I can gaze at its beauty. I’ve decorated my planner with a series of inserts from the Reset Girl collection, as well as Paperchase postcards with motivational quotes, and coloured dividers to break up sections, separating my diary sheets from my notes.

Diary pages are a must, but I also slip in “to do list” sheets and plenty of blank lined sheets for writing notes, journal entries, basically anything I feel I need to take note of. I also make sure to have some post-it notes and sticky page markers handy for when whatever I need to write doesn’t need to be in or be able to fit in a single day’s entry space. I also make use of loose elements like notepaper, photos, keepsakes etc. by paper clipping them in on relevant pages to keep them safe and tidy.

Does anyone else keeping a pretty planner to keep track of your schedule and make sure you’re all prepared for your travelling? Feel free to share your methods of tracking what’s what or useful planning tips in the comments.

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