Visiting Lincoln

Lincoln is a beautiful, historical city in the county of Lincolnshire in the east of England. It’s not very big, but it’s crammed full of charm.

There’s a surprisingly impressive amount of things to do in Lincoln. You can visit the castle and the cathedral while traversing cobbled streets. You can pay to go up the castle, but the walk through the grounds is free of charge.

From these structures, you can head down one of the most iconic hill streets around, literally named Steep Hill. Walking up and down the hill is a definite must do in the city, and while it’s tough on the legs, it fortunately doesn’t last particularly long. Lining the hill are independent boutiques and cute little tearooms, creating a picturesque and peaceful atmosphere.

At the bottom of the hill is the main city, boasting a large high street with all the essential British shops, as well as a canal river flowing through and leading to the waterfront area, which is more metropolitan and is also home to the Lincoln University. As you walk along the waterfront it’s hard to imagine there’s a castle, cobbles and historical architecture just up the road.

Lincoln is nice any time of the year, but if you get a chance to go for the annual Christmas market, do it. The trains are crazy and you’re probably better of using the park and ride system in place just outside the city centre to avoid congestion, but it’s worth doing. There are loads of stalls inside the castle and around the cathedral, and before the cathedral stands a Christmas tree. There are rides as well by the castle walls and you can even walk into a Medieval market in the vicinity, where the sellers are dressed in costume, selling various weapons and concoctions as you wade through hay. It truly is a unique and fascinating experience.

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