Valencia and Fallas Festivities

17/03/19 Snap, snap, crackle, bang, BANG. This is the sound of Valencia this weekend. As poppers pop and fireworks ignite down random side alleys, the smell of smoke sails through the air and crowds of people shuffle along like sardines, taking it all in whilst sipping on beers and mojitos. Live bands pop up seeminglyContinue reading “Valencia and Fallas Festivities”

24 Hours in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a gorgeous European city that really demands more than a day, but if that’s all you have, fear not – you can still fit a hell of a lot of sightseeing into this time-frame without burning out. I’ve even posted a handy little route map for you. How about that? It should alsoContinue reading “24 Hours in Budapest, Hungary”

Things to do in Paris that aren’t the Eiffel Tower

Paris, France. It’s considered the city of love, and a popular choice for those travelling Europe – and for good reason. While some areas naturally dingy or dirty (it is a major city, after all), this is a city of intricate architecture, a fascinating history, and a touch of class that many other places seemContinue reading “Things to do in Paris that aren’t the Eiffel Tower”

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The Plitvice Lakes are a sheer wonder to experience if you find yourself in Croatia. While, unlike other similar locations, you can’t bathe in the crystal clear waters there, it’s almost a good thing. The lakes are so well preserved and you can tell visitors truly respect this natural site. There are two main routesContinue reading “Plitvice Lakes National Park”

Why Rural Scotland Should be on your Travel List

The Scottish highlands are a true delight, and just as magical as you’d expect; there’s a good reason it’s been voted the most beautiful place in the world. If you can stand the high chance of heavy rain showers and a hell of a lot of driving, Scotland is worth adding to anyone’s list. WhileContinue reading “Why Rural Scotland Should be on your Travel List”

Exploring the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, like the majority of Italy, is simply stunning to see, and well worth a trip if you are planning a visit to the Neopolitan Riviera. Staying in nearby Sorrento, we took a bus to our first stop in the cliffside town of Positano. This place is like something out of a storyContinue reading “Exploring the Amalfi Coast”

Lanzarote’s National Park

For a small island, Lanzarote made a staggering impression on me, and it’s so far my favourite Canary Island, over Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Sure, Tenerife has the magnificent Mount Teide, and Gran Canaria allows you to explore rolling sand dunes, but none of it compares to Lanzarote’s charm. There are plenty of coastal attractionsContinue reading “Lanzarote’s National Park”

Turkish Mud Baths – What are they really like?

When I visited Turkey in 2013, one thing I did not want to miss out on was experiencing the mud baths. We took a small, open boat along the River Danube and it was actually a really pleasant ride. The waters were blue and there was plenty of countryside, cliffs and long reeds, and weContinue reading “Turkish Mud Baths – What are they really like?”

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

MT VESUVIUS There’s something about mountains and volcanoes, and Vesuvius in Italy was a good one. It doesn’t quite match up to the beauty of the much greener Untersberg Mountain in Austria, but it was still both awe-inspiring and rewarding. Being volcanic, the landscape is bare and grey, and not very diverse. Instead, it’s theContinue reading “Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii”

The Portuguese Sand Festival

I spent two weeks in the Algarve, Portugal, in the summer of 2012, and I distinctly remember one day in particular – the day we visited the International sand festival. Open both day and night and located in Pera, this exhibition runs annually, with a different theme each time, meaning all new sculptures to admire.Continue reading “The Portuguese Sand Festival”

The Harry Potter Studio Tour, Watford

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is a great day out, especially for fans of the books and films. It is still a huge attraction, despite the books having ended a good few years ago, and they keep on adding new stuff all the time. The tour will usually last around three hours, and you bookContinue reading “The Harry Potter Studio Tour, Watford”

Flamborough, East Yorkshire

The English coastline can boast some fantastic walks, and one of the many stand-outs in Yorkshire is the cliffs of Flamborough. You can enter this part of coastline from various points, and you can walk right from the North Landing to the Lighthouse at the head by following a single long track. Expect to seeContinue reading “Flamborough, East Yorkshire”

Visiting Lincoln

Lincoln is a beautiful, historical city in the county of Lincolnshire in the east of England. It’s not very big, but it’s crammed full of charm. There’s a surprisingly impressive amount of things to do in Lincoln. You can visit the castle and the cathedral while traversing cobbled streets. You can pay to go upContinue reading “Visiting Lincoln”

Six Great Things to Do in Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria, is one my favourite places I’ve ever visited in Europe. It’s a gorgeous city with plenty to do to keep you busy. We only had a few days here, so we couldn’t see everything, but here are my six recommendations for the best ways to spend your time in this fabulous part ofContinue reading “Six Great Things to Do in Salzburg”