Victoria's Voyage


Paris, France. It’s considered the city of love, and a popular choice for those travelling Europe – and for good reason. While some areas naturally dingy or dirty (it is a major city, after all), this is a city of intricate architecture, a fascinating history, and a touch of class that many other places seem to lack. First-timers to this city will naturally gravitate towards landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and… Read More

24/08/17 Today was a wet one, so we opted for something a little different. We’ve passed by the nearby town of Fort William plenty of times on our travels, but never actually stopped. This was our first destination. There’s not much there, and there are more picturesque locations too, but if you’re looking to stock up on warm clothing and walking supplies, you’re in the right place! The most refreshing thing about… Read More

10/06/17 Yesterday saw us packing up our bags once again, and this time heading through the gorgeous countryside to the city of Split in Croatia. Along the way, we had a short stop at a small town called Trogir, to get the opportunity to see another part of Croatia. It’s a small place and there isn’t a lot to do, but it boasts a beautiful harbour and historical narrow streets, and is… Read More

The Amalfi Coast, like the majority of Italy, is simply stunning to see, and well worth a trip if you are planning a visit to the Neopolitan Riviera. Staying in nearby Sorrento, we took a bus to our first stop in the cliffside town of Positano. This place is like something out of a story book, with winding stone streets lined with niche boutiques and linen shops, and harbouring cute gems of… Read More