A Weekend in York

We said we wouldn’t do it, but deep down we both knew that wasn’t the truth. That’s how within minutes of checking in to our hotel for the weekend after a short drive from work, we ended up in none other than Wetherspoons – and with vodka… Oops! And thus began a weekend in theContinue reading “A Weekend in York”

Longleat Safari Park

Finally, the day has come – but also gone again in a flash. Longleat is somewhere I’ve wished to visit for many years after first seeing it featured on BBC documentary series “Animal Park”, but never got round to as it’s so far from home – by British standards, anyway. Unfortunately, due to the currentContinue reading “Longleat Safari Park”

A Little Jaunt Around Southern England

Here I was at the beginning of the year, contemplating travel post-brexit. Who would ever have known back then that this would be the least of my issues? So far this year Covid has claimed Costa Rica, Africa and Portugal from me, and while I know I should probably just be grateful for mine andContinue reading “A Little Jaunt Around Southern England”

A Weekend in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle, home of the Geordie in a region of England particularly close to my heart. I’ve been trying to plan a trip to the North East for a while, ever since I bid farewell to my home in Sunderland back in 2013 actually, and finally I made it. Arriving late Friday night the plan wasContinue reading “A Weekend in Newcastle Upon Tyne”

A Whirlwind Tour of Istanbul

Well, what can you say about the vibrant city of Istanbul? From the open green spaces showing off grand mosques to the tight and bustling shopping streets surrounding the Grand Bazaar, this isn’t the kind of city I’m used to seeing. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. And while it can feel slightly overwhelming,Continue reading “A Whirlwind Tour of Istanbul”

My Cappadocian Adventure – Chapter 2

Well, what a day. Despite only being this morning, the hot air balloons seem to have passed ages ago. The amount of different sights and activities we’ve taken on in these short few hours is immense, so if you want inspiration, you’re in the right place.After breakfast, our first stop was the deepest of theContinue reading “My Cappadocian Adventure – Chapter 2”

A day (and a bit) in Antalya

It’s my last international trip of 2019, and I hope to end on a high. So far this year I’ve partied at Fallas festival in Valencia, traversed the Norwegian fjords on a road trip across Scandinavia, and tried to dodge raging thunderstorms in Budapest. And now I’m in Turkey, for the first time since 2013.Continue reading “A day (and a bit) in Antalya”

Norway – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Oh God, no, I don’t dare, can I do it? “Just do it!” And, with that I’m in, in and accomplished… Since departing Oslo on Wednesday, I’ve spent the last few days exploring more of Norway, and more specifically its vast countryside. It involved a hell of a lot of driving but this was thankfullyContinue reading “Norway – A Nature Lover’s Paradise”

Valencia and Fallas Festivities

17/03/19 Snap, snap, crackle, bang, BANG. This is the sound of Valencia this weekend. As poppers pop and fireworks ignite down random side alleys, the smell of smoke sails through the air and crowds of people shuffle along like sardines, taking it all in whilst sipping on beers and mojitos. Live bands pop up seeminglyContinue reading “Valencia and Fallas Festivities”

Flight of the Gibbon and my time in Chiang Mai

I try not to let out a scream as I shoot over the Thai jungle, the wind rushing through the ends of my hair as I focus on when I need to raise my feet for landing. Flight of the Gibbon is a ziplining course you can take whilst visiting the city, consisting of aContinue reading “Flight of the Gibbon and my time in Chiang Mai”

Chiang Mai and the Night Market

My Contiki group have gone for a cooking class I didn’t want to be a part of, so instead I’ve just visited the beautiful madness that is the Chiang Mai weekend night market. The heat intensifies as you step into the vacuum of people shuffling along with tiny steps, the salespeople sitting and handcrafting theirContinue reading “Chiang Mai and the Night Market”

Chasing Waterfalls to Chiang Mai

Erawan Falls was first on our list for today. It’s just a shame so many of us were feeling so hungover from our crazy night out at a funky little bar in Kanchanaburi. The falls are beautiful, but unless you want to climb all the way to the top level, you don’t need too longContinue reading “Chasing Waterfalls to Chiang Mai”

The Elephant Sanctuary and Bridge Over River Kwai

Finally it was the day everyone had been waiting for, the day of the visit to the elephant sanctuary. After a relaxing morning on the river rafts, we took off to meet these wonderful creatures, and it did live up to expectation. A local guide repeated the words “no worry” over and over, until I’mContinue reading “The Elephant Sanctuary and Bridge Over River Kwai”

The Jungle Rafts – My night in the middle of nowhere

Driving down the winding rural track, my anticipation was building. I was about to spend the night stranded on a river with no electricity – No lights, no plug sockets, no nothing. Even the walls and roofs weren’t solid, meaning we truly would get to be at one with nature. It’s so peaceful out hereContinue reading “The Jungle Rafts – My night in the middle of nowhere”

Wat Arun and the Kao San Road Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday I had my first real introduction to Bangkok, taking a relaxing klong (canal) tour and visiting Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn. This place is incredible, the intricacies impressively grand and yet rough and messy at the same time. The stone is a chalky white, sculpted into a large tower withContinue reading “Wat Arun and the Kao San Road Scavenger Hunt”

Journey to Bangkok

I haven’t slept yet, and while not much has happened, so much has happened. I did it; I made it to Thailand, despite having an injured foot and a broken suitcase. The first thing that really struck me when leaving the airport was the politeness and hospitality of the Thai people. I saw the manContinue reading “Journey to Bangkok”

Making the most of things

25/07/2018 The idea of a holiday is usually a rather thrilling one, but when you arrive and it’s nothing like you expected, you can start to wonder what you were thinking, or how you’ve been misled. Taking a break from my usual hectic travel style, I booked a few nights to chill out in Alcudia,Continue reading “Making the most of things”

What happens in Amsterdam…

29/04/2018 Plans to hang out by the canals were derailed yesterday thanks to unfortunate bad weather. Almost as soon as we’d taken the above photo, the heavens opened, forcing us to surrender to it. I am naturally used to rain and cloud, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to see on the continent. Still,Continue reading “What happens in Amsterdam…”

Amsterdam and Kings Day madness

28/04/2018 On Thursday, I set off with a bunch of strangers on the long road trip over to Amsterdam. As suspected, my nerves were for nothing and the meeting people aspect went fine. However, basically, everything else went a little wrong, though we all still tried to make the best of it. In the endContinue reading “Amsterdam and Kings Day madness”

Contiki Take Two: London Bound

25/04/2018 Getting on the train this afternoon, everything suddenly became very real. Having enjoyed my first Contiki adventure so much, I didn’t think I’d have so much to think about on the three hour train journey I was about to embark. A British train journey is often a very familiar experience. People wander up andContinue reading “Contiki Take Two: London Bound”

Farewell my Dear Ireland

Our visit may have been fleeting, but Dublin truly is a beautiful city. We started our last night out Livin’ on a Prayer as we sipped on two for one Woo Woo cocktails at Fitzsimons Bar. Next we had to pay a visit to the Temple Bar, seeing as the entire area we’ve been stayingContinue reading “Farewell my Dear Ireland”

A Day in Dublin

I can now officially say from experience, a night out in Dublin is phenomenal. The Temple Bar area is busy and expensive (an average of €8ish for a drink) but as long as its a one off and not daily life it is well worth it. You don’t even have to dress up. Last nightContinue reading “A Day in Dublin”

My First Trip Abroad of the Year

4 years ago today I was on my way to Paris from London. Now, it’s Manchester to Dublin. Work was a slow one yesterday, hours spent staring at the clock, five minutes in real time feeling like a whole hour. Finally, my friend Rachel and I met at the train station, ready for what wouldContinue reading “My First Trip Abroad of the Year”