Costa Rica Day 7 – Back to Nature

Monteverde, the Cloud Forest

I awoke to what sounded like thunder, but what in reality was just the wind. I also felt a little cold, something I almost wouldn’t have believed was possible whilst staying in Tamarindo. Welcome to Monteverde, I supposed.

After a quick breakfast, it was time to set out for the first activity of the day. No rest for the wicked! We would start with ziplining, before a hanging bridges walk in Selvatura Park.


I’ve only ever ziplined once before, in Thailand, so I was excited to get back in the air – and the views on this one were absolutely spectacular. Sailing along the lengthy cables, it was hard to not simply lean back, close my eyes and enjoy the breeze against my skin. But then I’d miss the mass of verdant forest below, its gradients of pure green decorating the entire landscape from every angle.

The safety demonstrations were thorough, and the team didn’t leave you hanging around. The numerous cables themselves vary in length, and there are a lot of them, making the tour well worth the money. They also take plenty of photos of you in action that you can purchase additionally at the end of the trail – which of course I had to do!

The hanging bridges of Monteverde

Next were the hanging bridges, the perfect Insta op. Like with the ziplining, there are several bridges of varying lengths to walk across, presenting the most breathtaking views of the forest below and around me. The walk as a whole was beautiful; the main disappointment was the distinct lack if wildlife. Having said that, we did get a good look at a quetzal, which is said to be pretty rare around these parts.

Fish and chips!

Returning to the quaint and pretty town of [name], we had some free time to explore a few of the gift shops and find somewhere to stop for lunch. I ended up in a little place off the road called The Open Cafe, where the brit in me enjoyed as close to a traditional fish and chips you can get out here. I followed it with a chocolate brownie, my first cake since being in Costa Rica. It was much-needed!

Monkey friends

Our wildlife disappointment from the park was quickly remedied upon our return to our hotel for even more free time. A curious track beside our block of rooms drew a few of us in, and the result was one of pure magic. Out of nowhere, we were suddenly surrounded by capuchin monkeys at every angle, some of them coming incredibly close. A moment I doubt I’ll ever forget. There was even a baby one.

Another beautiful butterfly
The olingo

And my day of walks didn’t even end there… Last call was a guided night walk, where we saw frogs, insects and even the elusive olingo. Sadly, my photos were a little fuzzy, and I only got a tiny glimpse of the tarantula I’d been eager to try and spot, but it was a fascinating experience regardless, and refreshingly peaceful.

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