Costa Rica Day 8 – Crocodiles and Karaoke

I awoke once more to the sounds of the rainforest. It’s something I think I’m going to miss when I leave. We got on the road pretty soon after breakfast, bound for our second and final beach destination, Jaco.

Planting my little sapling

A short drive away, we made our first stop – a tree planting activity – before continuing on to the next bit of nature spotting. A crocodile safari!

Just popping up to say hello
A wild vulture in flight

The crocodile tour offered another fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse of some of Costa Rica’s wildlife from a different perspective. Sailing down the river, we saw not only crocodiles but a whole host of different birds and even some small crabs amongst the mangrove roots.

Mike Tyson the Crocodile

We also learned how to distinguish between male and female crocs (the males have larger flatter heads, where female heads are more pointed), and how the area is protected and the tour attraction designed to help nature thrive as it should without our intervention.

Jaco Beach

Another long drive, and we finally landed in the beach town of Jaco. The town itself is very similar to other beach towns we’ve passed through, including Tamarindo – but the beach itself is beautiful, especially in the early evening once the sun begins to set.

Karaoke Night kicked off at 7.30pm, in a bar down the road just for us. Plenty of drinks and everyone’s fun five minutes of fame was perfect for rounding off yet another exciting day.

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