Victoria's Voyage


There comes a time in most teenage girls lives when the allure of jetting off somewhere hot with your friends becomes too strong to put off any longer. Maybe you’re freshly into college; maybe you’ve had a few years of experience on the town already. Either way, your first drinking holiday is something you’ll likely never forget, so you’d best make sure you do it right by avoiding these crippling mistakes. Take… Read More

So, you want to travel but you’re not about to quit your job with a bag on your back and go exploring. If you can do this, all respect to you, but for me, I’m not ready to do something so daring. A consequence of this is only having a limited block of annual leave allowance each year; a positive is that when I do get a week away, I can afford… Read More

25/07/2018 The idea of a holiday is usually a rather thrilling one, but when you arrive and it’s nothing like you expected, you can start to wonder what you were thinking, or how you’ve been misled. Taking a break from my usual hectic travel style, I booked a few nights to chill out in Alcudia, Majorca, in an all inclusive hotel complex. The thinking was that we’d have everything there, soak up… Read More