A whole week down…

Cheeky little vodkas

Ending yesterday’s adventure in Königswinter, I cleaned off a few vodkas and Jagers in a cool Irish bar I found whilst once again escaping the wrath of the Christmas market. My first “night out” – if you could call it that – was a nice way to round off this trip and all it has offered, leaving today to tie up some loose ends before the journey back to the UK tomorrow.

A walk by the river

After a much-needed lie-in, I started with a stroll by the river, and passed through the Fishmarket, the first time I’ve seen it in broad daylight. It was the perfect opportunity to reflect on what a hectic yet fulfilling week I’ve had. I came away purely to make the most of losing my job, and yet it’s reinforced my love for travel and reminded me how capable and resilient I can be when thrown into unfamiliar lands where no one knows my name. Do I have any more idea what I’ll do next? No. But it has been a great way of clearing my head and kicking back, whilst also getting myself into the Christmas spirit.

Let’s go shopping!

Another key task I set for today’s agenda was, naturally, shopping, actually buying the souvenirs I’d so far only scoped out, and avoiding the temptingly bright lights of the Lego Store for a second time, only to cave in at H&M instead…

Christmas Market #4
Chicken in a wine, onion and mushroom marinade, with – you guessed it – mash!

Oh, and I happened across another new Christmas market, which is always exciting, as well as ate something other than sausage and chips and in an actual sit-down restaurant. Oh, the relief!

If I could sum up this trip I would have to say it’s been hectic, wildly varied and very bad for my waistline, and yet also so incredibly festive, which more than makes up for the extra pounds and the aching feet, that’s for sure!


Brussels, in my opinion at least, is a thoroughly underrated city with some really cool things to see and do over a couple of days (any longer though would probably be overkill).


Bruges is just as picture perfect as you’d imagine, even in winter, and it has the fries museum, so you know…


Cologne is your typical big city, which in my personal opinion doesn’t offer as much to do as a tourist if you’re not really into art and museums (of which there are plenty), but with fantastic shopping centres and a zoo all the same.


Finally, Königswinter – while cute – is small, so if you want to visit (I recommend you do) make sure it’s on a day when the castle’s open or you might find yourself at a bit of a loose end. Seeing this castle is a definite highlight, as well as that divine belgian waffle I had way back when in Brussels!

And that, my friends, signals the end of another little jolly abroad. I can’t wait to see where I might go next…