Prague Day 3

First on day 3’s agenda was crossing the river for a visit to Prague Castle – and finally, we actually got the tram successfully. Third time’s a charm, right?

Views from the castle walls
St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle surprised me, having more free areas than I expected, with expansive paid-for areas too. There are a number of packages to choose from, and we picked Circuit B for 250kc per ticket, which included some entry fees but not all of them. You can choose your circuit to suit your own personal preferences.

St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral
Ooh, spiky
Past residence of author Franz Kafka, on Golden Lane

We spent a good three hours at the castle, marvelling at light refractions off the elaborate stained glass windows, examining real armour, weaponry and even instruments of torture down the otherwise beautifully quaint Golden Lane, and admiring views over the city. A worthwhile visit indeed.

The Funicular

After a quick picnic lunch on the castle steps, our next stop was back on the tram to join a funicular that would take us up to the surprisingly massive area that is Petrin Hill. You pay for the funicular with the same type of ticket from a machine as you’d use on other modes of public transport.

Petrin Tower
Views over Prague
Bunny’s adventures
Lookout point

We’d read that Petrin Hill boasted green spaces, great views and an observation tower comprising of around 300 steps that you can pay to climb, but we vastly underestimated its sheer size, with too many different routes and walks to count. There’s a rather crude map at the top of the funicular, but you’d be hard pressed to plan a specific route, instead being better off just wandering in the right general direction and leaving things to chance. The views on the walk down are remarkable. It’s just a shame so much of the route obscures it with forest. See a break in the trees? Take full advantage, as you might be a while finding another picture perfect panorama.

The Black Light Theatre
Theatre decs

A quick break to recharge at the apartment after a chicken schnitzel dinner then prepared us for our final evening, which we chose to spend indulging in a supposedly popular Czech stage show, that of a Black Light Theatre. There are so many of these shows around the city, but the one we opted for was set in a tiny courtyard off one of the main high streets, a small and cosy room, the kind where you’re pretty close to the stage even at the back. The performance itself was fascinating. Imaginative, emotive, cleverly executed and just simply hilarious in parts, this was definitely something worth seeing.

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