Costa Rica Day 6 – The Road to the Cloud Forest

The view from our hotel pool

A slow morning re-sorting my luggage and relaxing by the pool with a book was exactly what the doctor ordered. The warmth of the sun in the crystal clear sky dulled slightly by a gentle cooler sea breeze, it was easy to relax, though a little energy would later be required for the first stop during our drive from Tamarindo towards Monteverde.

Coffee Tour ☕️
The various stages of coffee bean processing

We’d already done chocolate, which left coffee. And the Diria Coffee Tour was very informative indeed. We were walked around their entire factory, learning about every step of the coffee-making process from picking to packaging.

Walking through the coffee plantation
The roasting room

This particular co-operative supports 192 local farmers, and also grows other crops to cover the times of year when the coffee isn’t in season. The introduction of such fruit trees not only assures year-round business, but they also provide some much-needed shade and cover for the coffee plants. The process is also highly sustainable, with no part of the coffee bean wasted. Discarded parts not required for the coffee itself can be used for other purposes such as skincare, or elsewhere in the factory.

A mix of Aztec and Mayan artwork

Apparently, one thing that makes this plantation special is that it is close to the home of the last indigenous tribe in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, the Matambu. And their influences form a part of the coffee produced here.

What a sunset!

Slowly climbing in altitude along a narrow winding track against a backdrop of the most stunning sunset over the mountains and arriving in Monteverde after another long drive, I felt instantly back at home (especially with the far cooler temperatures and howling wind!) The beach was lovely but, despite the dip in weather, the forest will always be my favourite setting in nature. Especially when there are gorgeous restaurants like ‘The Treehouse’, where we ate upon arrival, and spacious cabins with blankets to sleep in. A perfect base for a whole host of upcoming activities, I’m sure…

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