Hello Chester (Pt.2)

Chester Day 2… The day of the zoo.

Hey, that rhymes!

Just as with the city itself, I haven’t visited Chester Zoo for several years. Arriving this morning, I had high hopes I’d love it as much as I expected to – and it did not disappoint.

Chester Zoo was born from one man’s dream to create a zoo where the animals were not caged, where they could live more happily and naturally, with more freedom. George Motterhead first opened his gates in 1931 with the slogan ‘always building’, and to this day the zoo bases its practices heavily around conservation.

One of the many things I love about this place is the sense of immersion it conjures – no detail is spared, not even outside of the animal enclosures. You can really imagine yourselves in each and every environment, and there are plenty of information panels with details not only about the species you are seeing, but also their situation in the wild and the ways in which they are being supported by conservation activities.

‘The Islands’ left the biggest impression on me, taking me on a rollercoaster through South East Asia until I was longing to return to that corner of the world. I just wanted to be in Indonesia right there and then. Then you reach the wetlands, the savannah, the forest… all equally as beautiful.

One thing I can’t not talk about is the birds! An array of bold colours across a heavy backdrop of foliage in varying shades of vibrant greens, each and every one of the zoo’s walkthrough aviaries is a sight to behold within itself.

Of all the zoos across the UK, this is definitely one to visit. Despite the light rain showers that snuck up on us from time to time, I’ve had literally such a good day, and one that’s reminded me just how much beauty and adventure awaits in the far reaches of our planet.

Wrapping up the day with another couple of obgligatory drinks, it’s time to close the door on a weekend we’ll spent.

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