The Harry Potter Studio Tour, Watford

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is a great day out, especially for fans of the books and films. It is still a huge attraction, despite the books having ended a good few years ago, and they keep on adding new stuff all the time.

The tour will usually last around three hours, and you book onto a specific time slot designed to stagger entries and keep the traffic flowing throughout the linear walk. You begin in a cinema, reliving the magic of the films, before heading into the Great Hall itself.

There are so many props and sets to see throughout the tour, and it is self-guided, meaning you can spend as long or as little a time in each area as you like. There are also plenty of green screen photo opportunities and little activities to take part in, but bear in mind these do cost and they don’t come cheap.

You can enter the forbidden forest, surrounded by giant spiders, you can enter the Hogwarts Express and Harry’s house in Privet Drive. You can walk along the bridge, sit in the flying car, and explore Diagon Alley. Optional audio tours and guides can be purchased in the ticket price, or you can choose to go it alone. Either way, providing you’re a fan of the franchise or at least film in general, you will enjoy it and get on board with the feel of a real film set.

It’s not far outside London and you can get a shuttle bus from the studios to Watford Junction station, which leads straight into Central London, meaning you can simply make it a stop on your general London tour if you’d rather not make a special trip.

For more information on how to get there and how to book tickets, visit:

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