Six Great Things to Do in Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria, is one my favourite places I’ve ever visited in Europe. It’s a gorgeous city with plenty to do to keep you busy. We only had a few days here, so we couldn’t see everything, but here are my six recommendations for the best ways to spend your time in this fabulous part of Austria.


Overlooking Salzburg from a large hilltop is an impressive fortress, with even more impressive views. You can tour the inside, but even without there is enough to see on the battlements alone, certainly at least half a days worth.


These palace gardens boast pretty flowerbeds, so neatly and perfectly crafted you’ll feel like royalty walking among them.


The Convent where Maria lived in Sound of Music is just one of many locations in Salzburg that musical lovers will relish. It’s quaint and peaceful, and something that might be a less obvious choice for a visit than central areas such as the Salzburg Cathedral and the Linzegasse (Shopping Street), but just as worthy.


It’s no secret that Salzburg, and pretty much just Austria in general, has a huge classical music culture (Think Mozart!), and plenty of theatres and opera houses. But the marionette is a completely different entertainment experience, and with the lack of dialogue, it’s one without a language barrier as well!


While not as striking and accessible as some of the main sights of Salzburg, Hellbrunn offers a fun day out, including a tour of all the secret traps that reside within the grounds.


This huge mountain was the highlight of my visit. After driving though the picturesque fields by a range of colourful chalets, you can take a cable car up the mountain, which gives access to walks lasting as little as an hour and as long as all day, depending on how adventurous and experienced you are with hiking. A definite must see for mental clarity and photographic vistas.

This is just a tiny snapshot of everything Salzburg has to offer, and I would recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a worthwhile city break!

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