Victoria's Voyage


Erawan Falls was first on our list for today. It’s just a shame so many of us were feeling so hungover from our crazy night out at a funky little bar in Kanchanaburi. The falls are beautiful, but unless you want to climb all the way to the top level, you don’t need too long there. After a short hike, we hopped into the refreshing waters, that did wonders for our heavy… Read More

25/08/17 Last day and we stayed local, opting to explore some of the forest areas around Strontian. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and jam, we set out to the nearby Ariundle Oakwood Nature Reserve. Aside from getting caught in a heavy shower on the most exposed part of the walk, it was a glorious stroll through the woods and by the rushing river, and it’s really hard to describe the beauty… Read More

The Plitvice Lakes are a sheer wonder to experience if you find yourself in Croatia. While, unlike other similar locations, you can’t bathe in the crystal clear waters there, it’s almost a good thing. The lakes are so well preserved and you can tell visitors truly respect this natural site. There are two main routes you can take and you can complete both in the same day, but if you truly want… Read More

07/06/17 Today we finally reached Croatia, our first stop being the most incredible national park, covered in lakes and waterfalls, like something straight out of a dream. Seriously, this is a must if you’re visiting Croatia. It took me back to days spent in Cornwall in years gone by – only this was definitely more impressive! I literally can’t put into words how stunning the views are here, and the photos don’t… Read More

The Scottish highlands are a true delight, and just as magical as you’d expect; there’s a good reason it’s been voted the most beautiful place in the world. If you can stand the high chance of heavy rain showers and a hell of a lot of driving, Scotland is worth adding to anyone’s list. While much of it looks similar, regardless of which loch you happen to be close to, it’s not… Read More

When I visited Turkey in 2013, one thing I did not want to miss out on was experiencing the mud baths. We took a small, open boat along the River Danube and it was actually a really pleasant ride. The waters were blue and there was plenty of countryside, cliffs and long reeds, and we got to see some interesting things along the way, including a number of grave-like monuments built into… Read More

Salzburg, Austria, is one my favourite places I’ve ever visited in Europe. It’s a gorgeous city with plenty to do to keep you busy. We only had a few days here, so we couldn’t see everything, but here are my six recommendations for the best ways to spend your time in this fabulous part of Austria. THE FORTRESS Overlooking Salzburg from a large hilltop is an impressive fortress, with even more impressive… Read More