Victoria's Voyage


25/08/17 Last day and we stayed local, opting to explore some of the forest areas around Strontian. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and jam, we set out to the nearby Ariundle Oakwood Nature Reserve. Aside from getting caught in a heavy shower on the most exposed part of the walk, it was a glorious stroll through the woods and by the rushing river, and it’s really hard to describe the beauty… Read More

20/08/17 Today, there was no sign of rain, the perfect opportunity to take on the task of exploring the Nevis mountain range. While you can’t climb up to Ben Nevis itself, you can take a cable car up one of its neighbouring peaks, and it is one hell of a trek – though well worth it. The journey up towards the clouds was fairly lengthy, but then you are travelling quite the… Read More

The Scottish highlands are a true delight, and just as magical as you’d expect; there’s a good reason it’s been voted the most beautiful place in the world. If you can stand the high chance of heavy rain showers and a hell of a lot of driving, Scotland is worth adding to anyone’s list. While much of it looks similar, regardless of which loch you happen to be close to, it’s not… Read More