Victoria's Voyage


Budapest is a gorgeous European city that really demands more than a day, but if that’s all you have, fear not – you can still fit a hell of a lot of sightseeing into this time-frame without burning out. I’ve even posted a handy little route map for you. How about that? It should also help you find your bearings based on what neighbourhood you’re staying in.   THE MORNING Try to… Read More

18/08/17 It’s only been a few months but it feels like forever since I went to Croatia, so, naturally, I’m psyched to have left Grimsby behind again for a new adventure up in Scotland. Yesterday we took a long drive up the east coast of the UK, stopping in the small town of Alnwick on the way. It’s definitely a pretty place, even though there isn’t a vast amount to see and… Read More

06/06/17 Today was my first day meeting my new travel companions, a prospect that even still, a whole day in, is kind of daunting. I forced myself to approach some of my companions or I feared I’d be stuck completely on my own for the entire trip, and thankfully there do seem to be some nice people. The most fascinating thing is hearing everyone’s story, as you’re travelling alongside people from all… Read More

05/06/17 I planned a day in Budapest before moving on down to Slovenia for the first real leg of my journey, and honestly, this city is just as beautiful as I expected. I arrived yesterday evening around 7pm, and lucky me had a window seat on the plane so I got a great aerial view of the city before I’d even touched down. Flying over Margaret Island I could just make out… Read More