Victoria's Voyage


28/04/2018 On Thursday, I set off with a bunch of strangers on the long road trip over to Amsterdam. As suspected, my nerves were for nothing and the meeting people aspect went fine. However, basically, everything else went a little wrong, though we all still tried to make the best of it. In the end it was destined to be that we’d miss the ferry, be stuck in traffic and pretty much… Read More

I spent two weeks in the Algarve, Portugal, in the summer of 2012, and I distinctly remember one day in particular – the day we visited the International sand festival. Open both day and night and located in Pera, this exhibition runs annually, with a different theme each time, meaning all new sculptures to admire. 2012 was the year of “Idols”, seeing famous faces grace the landscape in this iconic display. Each year about… Read More