Zadar Here We Come!

Yesterday morning we got up bright and early to see a little bit more of the lakes, before having to board the bus once again in pursuit of our next destination, Zadar, a coastal city which is very Roman influenced. What’s more, the sun was actually finally out!

Chilling on the beach x

The city itself is kind of small and underwhemling, but we used this as an opportunity to have some downtime on the beach. It was rocky, breezy and peaceful – so peaceful in fact that I don’t have too much to say about today.

Croatian Sunset

We ate dinner at a local seafood restaurant and grill, and I got to sample some yummy calamari and my favourite cocktail, a blue lagoon. Before hitting the town, we stopped by the famed sea organ, which basically consists of a series of pipes built into the stone ground that carry the sounds of the wind and the waves, to watch the sun set over the water, which was simply beautiful.

Drinks with friends!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t dark enough yet to see the ground’s sun salutation solar panel light up, but it didn’t matter because we were soon in a cool bar, sampling a shot of local speciality rakija and knocking back a few more drinks.

The Magnificence of the Sea Organ

A small group of us later went back to check out the sun salutation after dark. It’s a really bizarre attraction, especially for such a historical city. It basically consists of a large circular panel that lights up like a dance floor depending on things like pressure and wind, adapting to match the weather like its accompanying song. It is odd, but kind of fascinating at the same time, and while it’s not super pretty, it’s probably worth a look if you’re ever in Zadar. After a good dance on the illuminated ground, we finally retired for bed, after the best night ever – making me sadder than ever that our journey together is drawing to a close…

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