Wonderful Copenhagen

Looking back on Saturday, we fitted a lot in considering we were still in Germany in the morning. It was pretty much the same procedure as the beginning of any Contiki tour – talking to lots of new people and remembering none of their names, as after a drive and ferry crossing we were dropped off in the Nuhavn area (That’s the part with the pretty coloured houses) of Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen.

From first impressions, Copenhagen is a pretty gorgeous city, full of colour and life. Of course, it’s been helped by the unseasonably good weather, but I feel that even in the rain it must have merits, for its photogenic vistas if nothing else.

A small group of us took a wander to explore and get our bearings, and after a few photo stops found ourselves in the Christiania area, queuing to ascend ‘The Church of our Saviour’ via a series of around 300 narrow, snaking wooden steps. Once you finally negotiate your way up against the oncoming foot traffic of those coming back down, you find yourself outside on the edge of the spire. I never made it to the peak, but the views were top notch even from my vantage point.

Later, we visited the city’s main attraction, The Little Mermaid. Though surprisingly so super tiny, this monument is as culturally significant as Paris’s Eiffel Tower, for example, so it couldn’t not be a stop on the tour, right? But this was all just scratching the surface, as despite staying up until 1am getting to know an American guy on my trip in the hostel bar, I was still up bright and early to make the most of a whole second day in Copenhagen! Lucky me.

Bright and early we headed out on a short walking tour, before being left to explore on our own. Stop 1 – a rooftop cafe overlooking a large square, the perfect little breather. After pausing briefly to watch part of the Copenhagen marathon, which just so happened to be on the same day we were there which brought with it even better vibes, we aimed for the peace of sculpted gardens and nice scenery – and walked a lot more!

I did plan on reserving the afternoon for some shopping while the majority of my group went on a food-tasting tour, but the allure of sitting with a cold drink at a bar (especially one I share a name with) won over. It is hot here at the minute, after all. Though I did manage to make time for the Lego shop, where I made a very valuable purchase in the form of a mini figure of myself all packed and ready to head out on my next adventure! And it only cost me 25 krone. Oh, and chocolate because, well, priorities.

5:30pm loomed, the moment of the day I’d most been looking forward to. The Tivoli Gardens is a huge tourist draw in this city, and you can see why Walt Disney felt inspired by his visit. The second oldest amusement park in the world, it’s like a magical wonderland of rides, stalls and lots of twinkly lights as the sun begins to drop. It’s small enough to complete in just a few hours, yet with a good variety of games and rides, and it just looks altogether lovely at every turn.

While Day 2 in Copenhagen ended with another late night, at least today is mostly a driving day, as I’m now Norway bound, so I can recover slowly from my distinct lack of sleep… Well, hopefully. I guess only time will tell.

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