• Costa Rica Day 4 – Chocolate and Chilling

    Costa Rica Day 4 – Chocolate and Chilling

    Another early start saw us sadly bidding farewell to our beautiful La Fortuna hotel. But, with chocolate and beaches on the horizon, you couldn’t say it was all bad! The Rainforest Chocolate Tour was a fantastic experience – very informative, very funny, very hands-on, and led by a man who can only be described as… Read more

  • Costa Rica Day 3 – Facing a Fear

    Costa Rica Day 3 – Facing a Fear

    Despite a relatively heavy night, I awoke around 5.30am to the deafening sounds of nature. I remember being stirred in the night by what sounded like a short rainstorm, but these sounds are different – chirping, whooping, clicking. A reminder of just how in amongst nature we actually are. A light breakfast (with a brief… Read more

  • Costa Rica Day 2 – Chasing Waterfalls

    Costa Rica Day 2 – Chasing Waterfalls

    What a jam packed event our first day as a group was! Setting off for La Fortuna, I couldn’t have quite known what marvels would be in store. First, we stopped off by the roadside at a pretty waterfall, and I also managed to slip in my first part of souvenir shopping at one of… Read more

  • Viva Costa Rica! A Day in San Jose

    Viva Costa Rica! A Day in San Jose

    After a several-year involuntary hiatus, I’m back! Welcome to travel in my 30’s. Yes, I have finally arrived in the Central American land of Costa Rica for the very first time, starting my journey in the bustling city of San Jose. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have waited so long for this moment,… Read more

  • A Weekend in London

    A Weekend in London

    Oh London, how I’ve missed you… There’s always something to do or see in this iconic English capital, and this visit was no exception. I can’t count how many times I’ve stepped out of King’s Cross Station to the buzz of crowds, London buses, black cabs and the beautiful clock tower of St Pancras –… Read more

  • Hello Chester (Pt.2)

    Hello Chester (Pt.2)

    Chester Day 2… The day of the zoo. Hey, that rhymes! Just as with the city itself, I haven’t visited Chester Zoo for several years. Arriving this morning, I had high hopes I’d love it as much as I expected to – and it did not disappoint. Chester Zoo was born from one man’s dream… Read more

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