• Hello Chester (Pt.1)

    Hello Chester (Pt.1)

    It isn’t quite Japan, but it will do. When plans get derailed, you have two choices. 1. Wallow and be miserable2. Try to consolidate and make the best of it I did the latter, which is how I found myself in the historic English city of Chester – a land known for its Roman roots… Read more

  • A Weekend in York

    A Weekend in York

    We said we wouldn’t do it, but deep down we both knew that wasn’t the truth. That’s how within minutes of checking in to our hotel for the weekend after a short drive from work, we ended up in none other than Wetherspoons – and with vodka… Oops! And thus began a weekend in the… Read more

  • Longleat Safari Park

    Longleat Safari Park

    Finally, the day has come – but also gone again in a flash. Longleat is somewhere I’ve wished to visit for many years after first seeing it featured on BBC documentary series “Animal Park”, but never got round to as it’s so far from home – by British standards, anyway. Unfortunately, due to the current… Read more

  • A Stop at Stonehenge

    A Stop at Stonehenge

    Some people come to England from overseas to see this iconic landmark, and yet in all my 28 years of living here, today marked my first ever visit to the mighty Stonehenge. As written on Wikipedia, the stones are set within earthworks in the middle of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age… Read more

  • A Little Jaunt Around Southern England

    A Little Jaunt Around Southern England

    Here I was at the beginning of the year, contemplating travel post-brexit. Who would ever have known back then that this would be the least of my issues? So far this year Covid has claimed Costa Rica, Africa and Portugal from me, and while I know I should probably just be grateful for mine and… Read more

  • Haworth, West Yorkshire

    Haworth, West Yorkshire

    Haworth, an English village I hadn’t even heard of until visiting yesterday, but that holds an immense legacy in the literary world. Haworth is a village of steep cobbled streets, sleepy stone cottages, an abundance of witty signage and most importantly, a strong, feminist presence – which makes sense considering this unremarkable little spot of… Read more

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