Farewell my Dear Ireland

Our visit may have been fleeting, but Dublin truly is a beautiful city. We started our last night out Livin’ on a Prayer as we sipped on two for one Woo Woo cocktails at Fitzsimons Bar.

Next we had to pay a visit to the Temple Bar, seeing as the entire area we’ve been staying is named after it. The bar is absolutely rammed, but big. At least you’re not standing awkwardly alone like the Inbetweeners boys were on their holiday. Finally, The Auld Dublin is about as Irish as you get too.

In general, it was a far more chilled out night than the night before. But then that is understandable considering the day of the week. Despite this, I still thoroughy enjoyed the night in a different respect and it’s by no means dead. The bars there simply make you enjoy yourself, whether you’re drinking a lot, dancing all night or simply sitting and sipping on a single drink for half an hour.

This morning, all I could do was reflect on the awesomeness of this weekend as I prepared myself for a flight and train journey back home ready for work again tomorrow.

We started out with the hotel’s breakfast, a decent selection of continental options and some hot food (which we didn’t opt for), but it wasn’t as exciting as the menu made it sound. Still, it did the job and the hotel as a whole is lovely. The decor is modern but intimate, with low lighting and artistic sculpting. And the room service options are about as vast as they come. Would certainly recommend the Temple Bar Inn for its service, design and location. We were literally across the road from the bars and there’s a large Tesco right next door.

We had an easy morning taking a final stroll along the riverside and stopping for a final relaxing drink before catching the bus back to the airport.

Airport check-in was a breeze; a simple machine does everything for you in mere minutes, with no real need to queue or check-in in advance. A streamlined system that any airport should try and adopt.

It’s not long gone dinnertime, but there’s nothing more to really talk about as I gaze around the airport and then at my watch. I never wanted to leave, but now I am I’m ready for home. One thing’s for sure though, while I rarely say this about anywhere I visit, I’ll definitely be back!

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