Victoria's Voyage


Our visit may have been fleeting, but Dublin truly is a beautiful city. We started our last night out Livin’ on a Prayer as we sipped on two for one Woo Woo cocktails at Fitzsimons Bar. Next we had to pay a visit to the Temple Bar, seeing as the entire area we’ve been staying is named after it. The bar is absolutely rammed, but big. At least you’re not standing awkwardly… Read More

I can now officially say from experience, a night out in Dublin is phenomenal. The Temple Bar area is busy and expensive (an average of €8ish for a drink) but as long as its a one off and not daily life it is well worth it. You don’t even have to dress up. Last night was by far my best in a long time, despite coming in at midnight to make sure… Read More

4 years ago today I was on my way to Paris from London. Now, it’s Manchester to Dublin. Work was a slow one yesterday, hours spent staring at the clock, five minutes in real time feeling like a whole hour. Finally, my friend Rachel and I met at the train station, ready for what would turn out to be the dullest drag of a journey imaginable. If you’re heading for a relaxing… Read More