Wat Arun and the Kao San Road Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday I had my first real introduction to Bangkok, taking a klong (canal) tour and visiting Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn. This place is incredible, the intricacies impressively grand and yet rough and messy at the same time. The stone is a chalky white, sculpted into a large tower with many layers and sides, and along them are decorations and sculptures brought to life by varying fragments of colourful ceramics.

From there, it was mainly a case of waiting to meet the group. I’d met four other girls already, but I was about to meet a whole lot more. It was time to really kick off my third Contiki adventure.

Instead of the usual meal and drinks you might expect, we were hit immediately with a list of tasks to try and accomplish in random teams, all of which could be discovered around the backpacker hub of Bangkok’s Kao San Road.

Next thing we knew we were wandering round trying to tick off as many typically thai experiences the sheet instructed as we could. We were tasked with things like eating insects on sticks, bartering for something dumb, getting a photo with a tuk tuk, and so much more. This was actually a great ice-breaking activity, and an educational one too.

I already have high hopes for this week, and I can’t wait to see what more is to come when we leave the city.

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