Victoria's Voyage


I try not to let out a scream as I shoot over the Thai jungle, the wind rushing through the ends of my hair as I focus on when I need to raise my feet for landing. Flight of the Gibbon is a ziplining course you can take whilst visiting the city, consisting of a trail of ziplines and hanging ropes you must follow. The first thing that struck me was how… Read More

My Contiki group have gone for a cooking class I didn’t want to be a part of, so instead I’ve just visited the beautiful madness that is the Chiang Mai weekend night market. The heat intensifies as you step into the vacuum of people shuffling along with tiny steps, the salespeople sitting and handcrafting their wares as they man their stalls, the stock ranging from woodwork to textiles to toys to jewellery… Read More

Finally it was the day everyone had been waiting for, the day of the visit to the elephant sanctuary. After a relaxing morning on the river rafts, we took off to meet these wonderful creatures, and it did live up to expectation. A local guide repeated the words “no worry” over and over, until I’m sure we’d got the picture. At times there was a slight sense of uneasiness, but he was… Read More

Driving down the winding rural track, my anticipation was building. I was about to spend the night stranded on a river with no electricity – No lights, no plug sockets, no nothing. Even the walls and roofs weren’t solid, meaning we truly would get to be at one with nature. It’s so peaceful out here in the early hours, so I took the opportunity to write in my journal from the comfort… Read More

Yesterday I had my first real introduction to Bangkok, taking a relaxing klong (canal) tour and visiting Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn. This place is incredible, the intricacies impressively grand and yet rough and messy at the same time. The stone is a chalky white, sculpted into a large tower with many layers and sides, and along them are decorations and sculptures brought to life by varying fragments… Read More

I haven’t slept yet, and while not much has happened, so much has happened. I did it; I made it to Thailand, despite having an injured foot and a broken suitcase. The first thing that really struck me when leaving the airport was the politeness and hospitality of the Thai people. I saw the man with my namecard, and was met with a smile, his face naturally joyful as he gave off… Read More