• The Harry Potter Studio Tour, Watford

    The Harry Potter Studio Tour, Watford

    The Harry Potter Studio Tour is a great day out, especially for fans of the books and films. It is still a huge attraction, despite the books having ended a good few years ago, and they keep on adding new stuff all the time. The tour will usually last around three hours, and you book… Read more

  • Flamborough, East Yorkshire

    Flamborough, East Yorkshire

    The English coastline can boast some fantastic walks, and one of the many stand-outs in Yorkshire is the cliffs of Flamborough. You can enter this part of coastline from various points, and you can walk right from the North Landing to the Lighthouse at the head by following a single long track. Expect to see… Read more

  • Visiting Lincoln

    Visiting Lincoln

    Lincoln is a beautiful, historical city in the county of Lincolnshire in the east of England. It’s not very big, but it’s crammed full of charm. There’s a surprisingly impressive amount of things to do in Lincoln. You can visit the castle and the cathedral while traversing cobbled streets. You can pay to go up… Read more

  • Six Great Things to Do in Salzburg

    Six Great Things to Do in Salzburg

    Salzburg, Austria, is one my favourite places I’ve ever visited in Europe. It’s a gorgeous city with plenty to do to keep you busy. We only had a few days here, so we couldn’t see everything, but here are my six recommendations for the best ways to spend your time in this fabulous part of… Read more

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