Visiting The Lakes

Today we finally reached Croatia, our first stop being the most incredible national park, covered in lakes and waterfalls, like something straight out of a dream.

A series of small waterfalls

Seriously, this is a must if you’re visiting Croatia. It took me back to days spent in Cornwall in years gone by – only this was definitely more impressive!

The Lakes

I literally can’t put into words how stunning the views are here, and the photos don’t quite do it justice. It’s just the tranquil atmosphere, the sounds of cascading water as you take it all in. It’s vibrancy makes it even prettier with all manner of green and blue hues, and there are a number of different walks you can take, all in different areas and of differing lengths. Most of the park is accessible on foot, but parts do require short trips across the water in boats or a quick bus journey up and down the hills.

“The Big Waterfall”

Me and five other girls on the trip opted to wander around together, and really took our time admiring every inch of the natural trail. The lack of railings or fencing is even more of a treat, as it isn’t an eyesore and doesn’t obscure the view. But if you’re travelling with small children or are just generally careless, this does mean you have to watch your step at times.

Take a few hours or an entire day – either way you won’t regret it, as it’s one of the most beautifully vibrant sites I’ve ever visited, and just an astonishing natural phenomenon.

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